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In-Film & Joint Promotion:
Today’s concepts of marketing have undergone a huge change — it’s no longer plain vanilla usage of mass communication tools. It’s no longer just about catching your audience when they are reading a newspaper or a magazine, or watching a cricket match on TV, or listening to the radio. It’s about engaging with your customers, and being able to make the brand relatable, given a certain apt situation. Brands have realised that movies are a great way to reach out to an audience which is captive for a few hours.

Benefits of In-Film Branding & Advertising
Branding Break through the media clutter.
Build awareness.
Soft-sell through positive association.
Celebrity association = implied endorsement.
Wider reach.
Cost efficiency.
Promotional tie-in opportunities.

The benefits of product placement can go well beyond on-screen exposure. You can promote the association with a film by generating internal and external promotional campaigns keyed to that movie. In-film branding inside commercial films is a highly cost-effective way to gain huge exposure and visibility at a fraction of the traditional advertising costs.

Out-of-film associations also help to increase the visibility of the film after the release. "Out-of- film association is like taking the concept of the film and footage for a co-branded television commercial.

If you are a corporate looking for branding & advertising through feature & short Films, we can identify you the best possible options available from bollywood & regionals films in India & Abroad.

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